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1.puppy - blue male - ADONIS DURE (Karhu) - time of birth 0:38h, weight 325 g


- Karhu lives in Germany with Jasmin and Dolgi's son - lapinporokoira Fihtolas. Boys are friends now and Karhu "knew" who is his new owner after few hours :)


2.puppy - red female - AINA MUKANASI (Isabel) - time of birth 0:50h, weight 321 g


- nobody wanted this female, she stays at home with her first pack. She will try sheep herding and next sports :)


3.puppy - green male - AMATIUS OAVÁN (Saimon) - time of birth 1:19h, weight 348 g


reserved to Finland


4.puppy - orange female - AURA NÁSTI (Tora) - time of birth 1:53h, weight 309 g


- Fluffy and calm Tora moved to Liberec's area with young couple. Maybe she will try sheep herding :)


5.puppy - yellow male - ALAPPO MIELAT (Alappi) - time of birth 2:40h, weight 342 g



- Alappi moved to Denmark with kind and friendly Anders and his family. Alappi will be mainly family dog and he's beloved by all members of family.


6.puppy - pink female - AIJVA HELBME (Isla) - time of birth 3:02h, weight 333g


- Isla will live in Finland with Hanna and oher lapinporokoiras. She will move after rabbies vaccination :)