Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (without pedigree)

* 12.4.2009 - + 25.2.2021

1.9.2012 - non-official dog (without pedigree) show - category: small bitch - 1st place

Agility (SA1):
16.8.2015 - Double-exams Lysa n/L - 2nd place
27.9.2015 - Triple-exams Lysa n/L - 1st place

Niky was our second cavalier. Such a little rusty devil. She loved sports and always wanted to be the best nerd and center of attention she had always received. Until the last day of life, she was full of vigor, appetite, energy and no health problems.

25.2.2021 - Niky found in the evening at home without signs of life with more plenty blood in the oral cavity. According to the veterinarian, it could probably have been a rupture of large vessels due to a hidden adenocarcinoma in the esophagus and stomach, which did not make itself known until the last moment.