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13.8.2022 - Holiday Wind Cup coursing Kozohlody

Dolgi took part in other coursing races this year. The weather was kind to us, the meadows for running were absolutely luxurious, Dolgi ran both runs beautifully and since no one from our FCI group entered, he finished in 1st place again. We won not only the cup, but also beautiful material prizes.


6.8.2022 - TrioCACIB Prague

We couldn't miss the three-day exhibition in Prague, but my idea was only ONE day. For enter, I chose Saturday and judge Alessandro Zeppi from Italy. Both females performed like professionals again (although Pinkie is not quite in show condition), in the competition for BOB my friend Natalka helped me with the handling and the verdict was:

Young class:
Aina Mukanasi Talviiloa (10 months) - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB!!!

Open class:
Raiikas Ilolas Maddii - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

+ both girls qualified for Cruft's, but that doesn't concern us. Since I don't like final competitions, I waited this time (just because of the shock that the daughter beat the mother :D ). Isa showed off in the final competitions like a pro and after the show the girls enjoyed swimming, then went to home and slept :)
I thank Naty for a beautifully spent day and Katka Kollarova for the professional photo.


30.4.2022 - Club show Mlada Boleslav

The show season is in full swing, so we did not miss the club show in Mlada Boleslav. Lapinporokoiras were judged by Petr Řehánek. Both females again had a nice review without any criticism.

Youth class:
Aina Mukanasi Talviiloa - VP1

Open class:
Raiikas Ilolas Maddii - Exc.1, CAC, BOB, Winner of Club show

At the same time, both girls performed in the final ring and I additionally picked up the trophy for Club Junior Champion for Pinkie.



18.4.2022 - Herding exams

Since Pinkie was on a long hiatus due to puppies, our herding skills needed to be worked on. The referee was Daniela Rajova. Trainings paid off handsomely, and so Pinkie passed the HWT exam with almost "left rear". There were two big mistakes that cost us points but they were unfortunately and obviously my stupid mistakes. With this, we have moved on and it is necessary to gain as much experience as possible, so we will make up our minds and go to the races :) . Hereby, I would like to thank the coach Andy from Nehvizd, who does not spare her nerves or voice for us. Tora (Aura Násti Talviiloa) also passed the exam on the same day. At the age of 6 months, she passed the basic NHAT with a very surprising conclusion, when she found her way into the pen by herself (entering to the pen was not even intended :D ). Many thanks to the owners for their care and determination to try to engage in herding :)

Videos from exams:




19.3.2022 - Coursing Jarni Kacice

Since Dolgi will be 8 years old next year and that will be the end of his racing "career" in coursing, we have to use every race available to us this year. He was the first to run the coursing in Kacice this year with very good points. He was a bit lazier in the first lap, the second lap was noticeably better and he didn't even slow down before the finish line. We lacked a bit of competition in our FCI group, so he deserved first place :D Thanks to Dana Korseltova for the photos!



6.3.2022 - Regional Dog Show in Lysa nad Labem

After a long break, we took part in the regional dog show, where lapinporokoiras were judged by Antonin Mudra. Many thanks to the owners of Torinka (Aura Násti Talviiloa) for also participating, so the participation was plentiful by Czech standards :) All 3 girls were judged to be very beautiful and after a long time I experienced a judge who knew how to judge this breed! Thank you :)

Youth class:
Aina Mukanasi Talviiloa - VP2
Aura Násti Talviiloa - VP1 + very beautiful, even professional, performances in the final competitions! Thank you :)

Open class:
Raiikas Ilolas Maddii - Exc.1, Winner of class, Regional winner, Winner of Lysa nad Labem




For a long time I was looking forward as a small child to this herding seminar. Although Eva Štemberová has the most care for us, she has the patience for us, she tries to find out information about the breed and her training style just suits me, to hear criticism from a person who is directly from the breed's country of origin, has experience with them and even owned lapinporokoira, was just a dream. Sinikka is a renowned FINNISH coach, international judge and owner of a diverse farm. Pinkie went to the seminar as a priority, because she has greater preconditions for herding, but Dolgi could not miss the next day. Sinikka was able to explain me nicely and with the help of Dolgi even show how much the sheep perceive the energy and peace of the dog. I only took Dolgi to once and for the last time - his temperament, spilliness and energy is not a real nut (also for me). Although well trained, he simply has no preconditions for herding with me (one of the many reasons for his castration). With Pinkie, it was a balm for the soul. The sheep walked calmly, Pinkie barked and pushing them when needed. I hope that after the puppies we will go to training again as soon as possible (and maybe even puppies will meet with sheeps :)), because she is a bitch who can calm both the sheep and me as a handler with her work. I firmly believe that I did not see Sinikka for the last time and, for example, next year we will visit her seminar again and in a better mood and with more experiences. Thank you!





17.7.2021 - National dog show Mlada Boleslav/CZ/

Pinkie took part in her last show in front of planned puppies. It was the National Dog Show in Mladá Boleslav. Pinkie was in the open class and the judge Karel Hořák gave her Excellent 1 CAC, National winner and BOB with a comment about "breeding" body condition :) With this, Pinkie became Junior Champion of the Czech Republic at this bad "Covid time".



26.-27.6.2020 - HERDING EXAMS

So! What would I own a working breed without a working test :) So we signed up for the NHAT exam and HWT exam with Dolgi. On friday Dolgi passed the NHAT exam, the next day, on Saturday, Pinkie passed the same exam. Dolgi went to HWT that same day. This HWT exam was smoother than his trainings. He worked the way lappi can - he was still pushed to 'balance' (lappi just doesn't know it instinctively, it's not natural for them and it is necessary to teach them!), But after the final closing sheeps to the ovine pen, my stone fell from my heart - he did not do such a the shame he sometimes showed in training. The judge was Daniela Rajova, so I honestly didn't care how it will end - but we just wanted to try. In the end, we passed the HWT exam. I would like to thank Andrea once again for her work with Dolgi at the sheep, her handling and especially for her patience!
Pinkie 27.6.: NHAT
Dolgi 26.6.: NHAT, 27.6.: HWT

Since the next level is IHT, which Dolgi will not really reach, I will try to train hard with Pinkie and see where we can get it :) Anyway, HWT is definitely planned;).




3.8.2019 - ACANA CUP PECINOV 2019

"Coursing racing - 1st place FCI V.; total 4th place from 100 dogs!



25.5.2019 - SUMMER WIND CUP 2019

"Dolgi's first coursing racing - 1st place FCI V.



16.-17.9. - DUO IDS Nitra /SK/

Champion class: 2x Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Judges: Molinari Carla /PT/ & Ronys Doedijns /NL/

Dolgi is new Slovakian Champion :) :)


13.8.2017 - IDS Mlada Boleslav - champion class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

"2,5y male, good male head and expression, correct body proportions, good angulation, exc.movement."
Wagner Ruth /LUX/


4.-5.2.2017 - DUOCACIB BRNO - On the weekend we attended the exhibition DUOCACIB Brno. Both days in the intermediate class and, of course, again without competition .... The first day was Mrs.Dolejsová Olga / CZ / as judge, which commissioned Dolgi: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and amazing opinion :) Dolgi completed the requirements for obtaining CZECH CHAMPION OF BEAUTY and CHAMPION CMKU.
The next day we had a judge Mrs.Tar Kristina / UA /, from which we received again the same evaluation and wonderful report:

"Typical representative of the breed with great male expression, male head, elegant neck, excellent ratio of head to body size, excellent chest, symmetrical stance of limb, well-formed chest, firm topline, symmetrical angulation, excellent movement mechanism, great temperament."

I would also like to thank my great friends, both from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for amazingly spent the weekend :)



1.5.2016 - IDS Prague - this show I entered "just for fun" and as chance to finish Czech Junior Champion. Marie Maruskova /CZ/ was the judge. Our result was Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB (hooray! We have the fulfilled J.Champion: D). Since the prices was issued in the final ring, and I don't like the final competition, Dolgi was clearly tired, so I hesitated whether I want wait for the cup for BOB ... but. . It's the first BOB, so we will come to show how looks this breed :D. And while we're there, so we're going to the group Junior FCI group 5. The judge Törnlöv Nils-Arne / SWE / and the minimal chance that he will notice us :) . It went very quickly, no attempt to presentment, however it's horseplay ... and suddenly we stood on the podium as 3rd place of Junior of FCI gr.5. So it might be enough: D, now let's go for a cup for BOB. There was a big competition for adults (Dolgi had nearly 15 months). When entering into the final circle, dolgi boycotted a trot and I probably too :D . There was the same judge as for juniors. Again he waved at us that we are on the shortlist, so why not when the day is already full of accomplishments :D. Finally we ended up in 4th place of group 5. Dolgi finished the whole sunny day by swimming.

Junior class, judge Marušková Marie, opinion:

"Absolutely standard dog, typical head, well angulation, ready for the show."


6.-7.2.2016 - DUO CACIB Brno - Dolgi for the first time in the junior class and in competition of adult dog - champion from Norway (Ch.Arctic Seoul Lapponian Kiehka). On both days, with the result Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ.

30.8.2015 - International show Mlada Boleslav - The second exhibition, of which the first international and as a bonus - the judge from the country of origin - from Finland. Still in the puppy class. We went after noon, when the temperature reached its peak, so I immensely appreciate the show ring under the roof. I was wonder, what to say Finnish referee Stahlberg Perttu. Dolgi had his nose constantly glued to the ground, changed trot and canter, the only attitude was at that moment super :) In the end, I was more than happy not only for the result - Very promising 1, but for the perfect opinion !!!

" A very nice male puppy, correct head and expression, well developed body for his age, well angulation, good coat quality and tail, nice temperament and correct movements, good luck for the future." Stahlberg Perttu /FIN/


21.6.2015 - National Dog Show Klatovy - Dolgi attended his first show in baby class. It was his premiere. Judge liked him, which was also reflected in the actual assessment and evaluation Very promising 1. In the afternoon we participated in the final competition, where he was already considerably tired throughout the day.

"Very promising doggie, correct size, beautiful head, beautiful angulated front and hind extremities, beautiful topline, good length of neck, nicely showed, very good move to and fro and from the side." Weng Woh Chan /MYS/