d be clear ly stamped. The coat is suitably adapted for the arctic climate.

The length of the body is about 10% longer than the height at the withers. The depth of the body is about half of the height at the withers.

Docile, calm, friendly, energetic and willing to serve. Barks readily when working.

Elongated; the muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull.

Skull: Only slightly convex. The frontal furrow is marked and the superciliary ridges are clearly defined.
Stop: Gently sloping.

Nose: Preferably black, yet harmonizing with the coat colour.
Muzzle: The nasal bridge is straight. Viewed from above and in profile the muzzle tapers evenly towards the nose.
Lips: Tight.
Jaws/Teeth: Jaws and teeth are strong. Scissor bite. Normal dentition.
Cheeks: The zygomatic arches are clearly marked.
Eyes: Preferably dark in colour, yet harmonizing with the coat colour. Lively and set rather apart. Oval shaped. The expression is keen, in bitches also devoted.
Ears: Pricked, medium in length, set rather apart, rather broad at set-on. The inside of the ear is covered with profuse hair, particularly at the base.

Strong and medium in length, set smoothly into the shoulders. Without dewlap.

Withers: Marked.
Back: Strong and muscular.
Loin: Short and muscular.
Croup: Rather long and slightly oblique.
Chest: Deep, long and spacious, not very broad. The ribs are clearly arched.
Underline: Gently tucked up.

Medium in length, low set and covered with profuse hair. In repose the tail is hanging; in movement it is held in a loose curve, but may not raise over the back. The tail action may also be circular.


General appearance: Powerful, attached to the body with strong muscles, yet free in movement. Muscular and well angulated. Viewed from the front straight and parallel.
Shoulders: Oblique and muscular.
Elbows: Turning neither inwards nor outwards, close to the body, pointing straight backwards.
Forearm: Vertical.
Carpus: Sinewy and flexible.
Pastern: Seen in profile slightly oblique, enabling the flexible movement.
Fore feet: Rather oval with all sides, also underneath, covered with dense hair. The toes are well arched, the pads elastic and thick.


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General appearance: Well angulated. Viewed from behind straight and parallel.
Upper thigh: Rather long and broad with well devel oped muscles.
Stifle: Pointed forward, the angulation is clearly marked.
Hock joint: Set rather low; the angulation is clearly marked.
Metatarsus: Rather short, vertical and parallel.
Hindfeet: As front feet. Preferably without dewclaws.

Free, flexible, effortless and sound. The trot is tireless. At a fast trot tends to single-track.

Tight overall without wrinkles.

HAIR: The outer coat is of medium length or long, straight, rather erect and harsh. The undercoat is fine and dense. The hair is often more profuse and longer on the neck, chest and on the backside of the thighs.
COLOUR: Black in different shades, even greyish or dark brown with a lighter shade than the basic colour, greyish or brownish colour markings often on head, the lower parts of the body and legs. White markings on neck, chest and legs are permitted. The undercoat is b