crosbreed of labrador retriever

* 24.8.2004 - + 8.2.2018

10/2017 - Lungs tumor :(

Ronys came to me by accident as a tortured dog who had been locked for 6 years in a flat in Prague with occasional walking, bad health and, in particular, psychic disintegration. It was practically a dog to euthanasia. Immediately he underwent castration and "re-education". Still has some bad habits, but works amazingly in the company of people, children and other dogs. I really thank Ronys for having learned to find me myself and to know the behavior of dogs themselves :)

As the first dog to take me to the world of agility, defense, coursing and also enjoyed the training of "bull sports", in which he even excelled as elderly dog :)

10/2017 - Sudden breathlessness, on X-ray - lung cancer